Trusted Content & Trusted Reviews from Trusted Connections

Trusted Content & Trusted Reviews from Trusted Connections

It’s all fake and cannot be TRUSTED unless it is verified and recommended by your own trusted sources.

Whom do you TRUST? or an influencer who gets paid by the manufacturer or service provider to influence you, OR your friend, relative, colleague, or a family member? Of course, we trust known connections or contacts because they know us, our interests, likes, and dislikes. We have seen many times, and I am sure you might have experienced, all the 5 star rated products or services you read on major review sites found to be fake or influenced. But did you ever alerted others to watch out? Yes, you may have, but are they getting published or shared? No. Why because many of the platforms will suppress negative reviews or recommendations. That’s how these review sites do business. When a vendor pays high amounts, their algorithms show false 5-stars rated reviews on the top. Right? Check for yourself? I am sure you must have. But when you found out what you did? 80-90% of the time you may have brushed it off or never found time to report. Even you may have done, does your review appear on the vendor site? No. They will take it out. Right? 🙂

So, Its time to defeat these bad practices which are killing the most valued word “TRUST” and lets start building Trust. Are going to join us in this QUEST?

Bhargava Gorty

Founder-CEO of ZAXME. A visionary and technologist who loves to build technology solutions.

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