Fake Reviews-A Global Pandemic

Fake Reviews-A Global Pandemic

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We are the new world since the beginning of March 2020. Whole World, yes Whole World, except maybe China, as we don’t know how much they were impacted. Anyways coming to the point, in this new world what we learned? First how to work from home efficiently, and then even grandparents also learned how to shop online. 🙂 Yes, they were going into the store to buy electronics or appliances or a phone, now they learned how to buy online. But how do they if the product works as per manufacturer claims/ no they don’t, so they read reviews, but hey.. how do they know the reviews are real and NOT fake? We may also have got calls or WhatsApp forwards on how to get prepared for Covid-a9, what cures it, remedies yada yada yada.. and we all know that CDC (Center for Disease Control) did not recommend any vaccine yet. We all are tired of fake marketing and fake news which is streamed all over the internet, social media, and other digital platforms. We need to tackle this monster before we lose TRUST in all. Are you ready to tackle the problem?

Bhargava Gorty

Founder-CEO of ZAXME. A visionary and technologist who loves to build technology solutions.

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  1. Antervedi

    If this is not tackled, then consumers will lose a lot.

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